AGOSTINO PIAZZA SRL was established in 1962, and since then has operated in the machine tool sector, specialising in the construction of equipment for checking and gauging tools (Toll presetting systems).
The vertical presetting instruments made by AGOSTINO PIAZZA SRL, are universal, for the following machine tools: Milling machines, drills, boring machines, turners, NC F.M.S. gear cutters and traditional and NC work stations (as well as those for all shaving removal operating units)
- AP4.4 B/PC manual presetting instrument
- AP5.6 B/PC motorised presetting instrument
- Micro-hob 40 motorised presetting instrument for NC slotters and gear cutters
- New Microtool CNC motorised presetting instrument (for multi-tool requirements)

- All the structures of the presetting instruments manufactured by A.PIAZZA are made from bistandardised perlite cast iron with strong ribbing to ensure that they do nut buckle with time, retaining their stability
- All the measurement systems are of the linear type, very high precision optic transducers with absolute zero, fitted directly to the monolithic cast iron structures to guarantee maximum precision measurement 
- The movement of motorised versions is controlled using an 8-position joystick and AC motors which require no maintenance!!
- The axes run along Swiss high precision tempered runners with selected ball recirculation. 
- Knobs for micrometric movement (standard issue on motorised version)
- All electric and non-electric parts conform to EC standards
- Tall presetting instruments manufactured by AGOSTINO PIAZZA, come complete with the best optic collimators, normal and electronic German or Swiss profile projectors
- Basically, they are measuring instruments with a negligible intrinsic error
- Moreover, they guarantee position, repeatability of measurement and an easy tool loading position .

In comparison with the competition, pre-settings manufactured by Agostino Piazza have the following advantages:
1) Easy tool loading
2) Simple use of all models
3) Minimal machine maintenance thanks to anti-wear systems
4) Fast axis movement on motorised versions

Presentations and economic advantages:

5) High quality electronic and mechanical parts
6) Stability and solidity in noisy environments
7) Time savings when zeroing tools on NC machines
8) Reduced production times
9) Over thirty years experience in mechanical construction
10) Robust structures in cast iron and monolithic bases

We are at your disposal should you require any further information.

Via dei Boschi 34/36
20058 - Villasanta (Milano) ITALY - (MI)
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P.iva.00774770960 C.fisc.04248840151